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Valuing and selling your dental practice with Michael Erin

Today’s interview with Michael Erin, a dental valuation and practice consultant and broker, focuses on how Dentists prepare for retirement and a succession plan for the transition and sale of the work and interest in their dental practice.

Michael Erin of Practice Management & Associates

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Topics covered in this 30-minute interview:

  • About Progressive Management and dental brokerage generally;
  • Preparing for retirement, when to start selling your practice;
  • Different types of buyers you may identify well in advance;
  • Understanding the timeline and process of dental practice valuation.

Michael Erin is a management consultant, valuation specialist and practice broker in the Chicago hospital and health care industry. Mr. Erin, with Chicago’s Progressive Management & Associates, the Chicago dental practice brokerage, works with dental specialists in transition with their private practice. He works with sellers, buyers and valuation services to keep the transition out of practice in the fast lane, to maximize profits for his clients. Michael Erin is a colleague with our host, Michael V. Favia, through the Health Practice Advisors network group in Chicago.

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Health Practice Advisors’ Alan Shifrin Presents at May 17 Dinner on Buying and Selling Health Care Practices

SCHAUMBURG, Illinois – On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Alan Shifrin, J.D. speaks on issues in buying and selling healthcare practices. The dinner presentation at Maggiano’s in Schaumburg starts with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. and concludes at 9:30 p.m. This is a Health Practice Advisors (HPA) event sponsored by Apex Design and tickets remain available.[i]

The focus of HPA member, Alan Shifrin’s presentation is the identification of complex issues in the process of buying or selling a healthcare practice. Medical, dental and other healthcare practices have unique legal issues in addition to the tax accounting, valuation and psychology matters for consideration.

Highlighting pitfalls and issues in buying and selling healthcare practices, Alan Shifrin uses the F.L.U. acronym, “Don’t let your practice get the F.L.U.” The acronym stands for Feasibility, Legality and Understandability. Avoiding practice transaction F.L.U. requires attention to the terms, structure and price as well as legal compliance and complete disclosure of material facts and understandings thereof.

Michael V. Favia, HPA Chairman, recommends this event and other HPA events and resources designed to educate and assist healthcare professionals with the business end of their practice.


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[i] To purchase tickets for the dinner at $50 per person, please RSVP with this link: http://www.healthpracticeadvisors.net//sponsorinformation/