About The Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates

Michael V. Favia represents individuals, small and large corporations, professionals, professional groups and organizations.

The law firm represents clients throughout the State of Illinois and has earned a reputation for providing personalized service and high quality representation.

Attorney Favia and his associates focus on achieving outstanding results for clients with the “Favia team concept.” The firm utilizes a team of experienced attorneys, experts and investigators to assure that each case is fully developed and prepared to maximize the results for each and every client.

The firm, founded in 1982, has extensive experience in handling all types of litigation including: personal injury; worker’s compensation; medical malpractice; and professional regulation and licensing.


1 thought on “About The Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates

  1. Albest Schneider

    I am a defendant in a foreclosure case where my five million dollar real estate property is being foreclosed upon by a law firm holding leins that were issued through the use of false claims. The foreclosure amount sought is $55,000.

    Would you look into my case? 14 CH 2767 in DuPage County


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