Nursing and drug abuse, addiction and licensing with Michael V. Favia

What happens to the medications administered to patients who refuse to take them?

What happens to the medications administered to patients who refuse to take them?

The Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants is a group of highly experienced attorneys and investigators who represent and defend licensed professionals. These featured attorneys, previously worked for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, and will represent and/or defend licensed professionals in cases involving the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Illinois Department of Public Aid and Illinois Department of Public Health.

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Topics covered in this 30 minute show:

  • Introducing Michael V. Favia
  • Increase in cases and reports of problems involving drugs and addiction in nursing
  • Types of backgrounds and behaviors seem to open the gate to drug abuse problems in nursing
  • Not asking for help such a compounding problem; at what point is someone’s career salvageable?
  • Liability for nurses may also extend to the hospital administration; how can they best prepare to handle notice or knowledge of a nurse suspected of having a drug abuse problem?
  • What should a licensed nurse do if they receive an inquiry from the state?
  • At what point does a nurse have a duty to self-report or make a report on a colleague?
  • If nurses have multiple state licenses, how can this compound discipline concerns?

Michael V. Favia He is a former Asst. Illinois Attorney General and the Chief Prosecutor for the Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation (IDPR), now known as the Illinois Dept. of Professional and Financial Regulation (IDFPR). Favia is the owner of a Professional Licensing Consulting Company where he and affiliated former prosecutors, investigators and professional licensing board members assist licensed professionals in their business, regulatory and IDFPR related matters.

Visit our Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants website for more information. You may also contact Michael V. Favia for more information by calling  (773) 631-4580 and by e-mail at



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